Best Portable Jumper / Jump Starter for Your Motorcycle Battery

Best Portable Jumper / Jump Starter for Your Motorcycle Battery

Having a dead battery is not an uncommon thing when dealing with motorcycles. Whether the battery is run down from age, storage, or there is some other issue, the chances of dealing with a dead battery at some point are very high. The worst case scenario is that your battery dies out in the middle of a long ride with no no one around to help. 

Being prepared for situations like this by carrying a portable jumper for your motorcycle is a great way to ensure that if this sort of thing happens to you then you will be able to quickly and effectively deal with it and keep riding. 

In this complete buying guide, we will go over some of the best portable jump boxes on offer. We’ll also go over some things to consider when picking out a good jump box, that way when you are looking into one of these devices yourself you can make an informed decision on which will be the best for your specific needs.

Why do Motorcycle Batteries Die so Fast? 

Motorcycle batteries might encounter any number of problems that make them lose charge faster than expected. Knowing some of the most common things that cause a battery to drain faster can be very helpful in making the necessary adjustments to prolong the life of your battery. 

The most common reasons may include:

Electrical Short

A short in the electrical system of your motorcycle is by far one of the most common causes for rapid battery drain in most motorcycles. In cases where there is a short in the system, it is a good idea to hire a professional to check out the system, especially if you are not an experienced mechanic yourself, as issues in the electrical system may affect other parts of the bike as well. 


Attaching a large number of accessories to your motorcycle is another potential cause for the battery to drain more quickly than normal. Lights, speaker systems, phone chargers, and other electrically powered accessories can tax the battery and reduce its lifespan dramatically. 

Heat and Vibration

A battery that experiences extreme heat or vibration might experience a major reduction in its lifespan as the conditions affect the internal components of the battery. If you ride in extremely hot environments on a regular basis it may be a good idea to opt for a battery that is rated to handle extreme temperatures, and ensuring that the battery is held securely in place will help to reduce excessive vibrations as well. 

Battery Gone Bad

Vehicle batteries do not last forever, with some of the best examples of motorcycle batteries lasting about 48 months, and lower quality examples having an even shorter shelf life. Check your battery’s age if it is losing charge quickly, and consider a replacement if it is nearing the end of its designated service life. 

Poor Grounding

A bad connection between your battery and the frame of the bike is another common cause of batteries draining too quickly. Bad grounds can prevent the battery from charging effectively, and in some cases can contribute to voltage leaks elsewhere in the electrical system. 

Other potential causes for batteries losing their charge too quickly include things like corroded terminals, faulty voltage regulators, bad stators, and poor terminal connections. If you find that your battery is losing its charge more quickly than it should but can’t find the cause or aren’t comfortable performing the repairs, consider taking it to a professional to diagnose and correct the problem. 

The Best Motorcycle Battery Jumper / Jump Starter

#1: Noco Boost Plus GB40

This jump box from Noco provides reliable power to jumpstart nearly any vehicle battery and get you back on the road again. This unit is equipped with reverse polarity and spark protection, as well as several other useful accessories, such as a 100 lumen flashlight and USB charger for mobile devices. 

The rugged housing of this device is also designed to handle virtually any environment, and is IP65 rated, meaning it can handle low pressure water jets from any angle, which makes it excellent in rainy conditions. The onboard battery can handle up to 20 jump starts on a single charge, and easy to read LED displays provide information on your battery and its status. 

Highlighted features:

  • 1000 amp portable starter
  • Spark proof and reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated 100 lumen flashlight
  • Durable, water resistant housing
  • 1 year factory warranty

#2: Nexpow G17 Jump Starter

With 2000 amps, rugged construction, and built in safety features, this jump starter from Nexpow is a great option for anyone to carry with them in case of emergency. The unit is designed to be used in a wide variety of environments, and is both water and heat resistant. An integrated flashlight and USB charger adds extra utility to the jump box, making it useful in a wide variety of situations. 

Safety features include protection from overload, short circuit, reverse polarity, and high temperatures to ensure that getting your vehicle started is as safe as possible. This jump starter is an excellent choice to carry with you thanks to its reliable starting power, and array of useful features. 

Highlighted features:

  • 2000 amp portable starter
  • Safety features protect against overload, reverse polarity, short circuit, and temperature
  • Integrated flashlight and USB power bank
  • Durable, water and temperature resistant housing
  • Plenty of power for use on any vehicle

#3: AcMount P100

AcMount delivers solid reliability and power with this 2000 amp portable jump starter. This jump starter features rugged construction, a long lasting battery that can handle up to 60 jump starts per charge, and an LED display for easy to read information on the starter and your battery. An integrated flashlight and USB charging port add functionality to this device, making it useful in a wide variety of situations. 

The starter also features safety protections against common issues like reverse-polarity, short circuits, overcharge, and sparking. This ensures that the jump starter is safe to use as well as useful. The battery can also last up to 24 months on standby. 

Highlighted features:

  • 2000 Amp Jump starter
  • Integrated flashlight and USB power ports
  • LED display for easy to read information
  • Lasts up to 24 months on standby
  • Can provide up to 60 jumps between charges

#4: Noco GBX45

This more powerful jump starter from Noco provides extra power and more utility to their smaller models, increasing the amperage of the unit to 1250. This unit is equipped with advanced safety features that prevent issues like overcharge and short circuits while also providing maximum power for every jump and rapid charge time for devices that use the built-in USB charging ports. 

As a portable jump starter, this unit is also equipped with useful features that may come in handy in the event of an on-road emergency. This includes a powerful integrated flashlight with multiple modes to provide light, or to alert other drivers that you may need help. Noco also stands behind their product with a 1 year warranty. 

Highlighted features: 

  • 1250 amp portable jump starter
  • Rapid charging for USB devices
  • Integrated 3-mode flashlight
  • Tough, weather resistant design
  • 1 year warranty

#5: Nexpow Q10S

Riders looking for reliable starting power for their motorcycle as well as different options for a wide variety of on-road situations may consider this 1500 amp jump starter from Nexpow, which offers excellent power and several useful utility features at a reasonable price point. This jump starter includes an integrated flashlight, USB charging ports, and solid construction for a handy gadget that can be useful in many different situations. 

The jump starter is also equipped with several safety features to ensure that you can connect and jump your bike safely, including protection against short circuits, reverse polarity, and extreme temperatures. 

Highlighted features:

  • 1500 amp portable jump starter
  • Integrated flashlight and USB charge ports
  • Safety features protect from overcharge, short-circuits, reverse polarity, and extreme temperatures
  • 2 year technical support included
  • Reliable power for a variety of different applications

#6: Avapow A58

For riders that are looking for a high powered jump starter, this 4000 amp option from Avapow is a solid choice. This high capacity jump starter is not only strong enough to start any motorcycle on the road, but provides enough power to start most other vehicles, including diesel engines. Advanced safety features protect against spark, as well as reverse polarity, extreme temperatures, overcharging, and short circuits, and an indicator on the unit itself will alert you if the battery is experiencing an issue. 

Integrated USB 3.0 charging offers quick and reliable power for mobile devices, and a built-in flash light provides extra utility including strobe and SOS modes to let other drivers know that you may need help. 

Highlighted features: 

  • 4000 amp portable jump starter
  • Power to jump virtually any on-road vehicle
  • Advanced safety features for a safe jump every time
  • Integrated USB 3.0 for quick charging of mobile devices
  • 2 year technical support included

#7: GooLoo GP4000

This powerful portable jump starter from Gooloo offers 4000 amps of power and enough battery life to ensure 60 successful jumps on a single charge. Featuring a rugged design and high power output, the jump starter is an excellent tool for any rider to carry whether on two wheels or four, as the unit is capable of starting any motorcycle, as well as most other vehicles on the road without issue. 

Integrated USB 3.0 charging ports provide solid charging power for your mobile devices, while the built-in flashlight offers up to 96 hours of continual use. Gooloo also provides an 18 month warranty and lifetime technical support to ensure that you get the most value out of your portable jump bow. 

Highlighted features: 

  • 4000 amp portable jump starter
  • Integrated USB 3.0 charging ports
  • Built-in flashlight lasts up to 96 hours
  • 18 month factory warranty with lifetime tech support
  • Designed for heavy duty use on any vehicle

#8: Povasee A30

This exceptionally compact jump starter from Povasee provides a strong 3000 amps of power to allow you to jump start your bike consistently, and the integrated USB ports allow the unit to be used as a portable power bank as well, with 23800 mAh of power. The compact but durable design allows this jump starter to be carried easily, even if you do not have a lot of luggage space, and can provide power for up to 60 jumps per charge. 

Intelligent safety features protect against common battery charging issues like overcharging, reverse polarity, and short circuits, providing a safe jump any time the device is used. An integrated flashlight also makes using this device at night easier, and brings extra utility to the device so that it can be useful in multiple different situations. 

Highlighted features: 

  • 3000 amp portable jump starter
  • Compact, easy to carry design
  • Integrated USB charging function
  • Intelligent safety features for a safe jump every time
  • 24 month factory warranty

#9: Topdon JS2000

This 2000 amp jump starter provides consistent power to jump start nearly any vehicle in 3 seconds, and can provide 40 successful jump starts per charge. The rugged construction is weather resistant, and also allows this jump starter to operate in extreme temperature conditions as well. A boost function helps to ensure that even dead vehicle batteries can be safely and effectively charged so that you will always be able to get back on the road quickly. 

An integrated 300 lumen flashlight and USB charging functions make this charger versatile and useful in a wide variety of potential emergencies. The unit also features an LED indicator so that you will be able to tell what the charge level for your battery is, giving you a heads up if you need to replace the battery. 

Highlighted features:

  • 2000 amp portable jump starter
  • Rugged, all weather construction
  • Integrated 300 lumen flashlight
  • LED battery level indicator
  • 1 year quality assurance and lifetime technical support included

#10: Biuble JS001

For riders looking for a cheap but effective portable jump box, this option from Biuble offers up to 1000 amps of starting power for a competitively low price. This jump starter provides enough power for up to 20 successful jump starts, and also includes an integrated flashlight and USB power bank that can fully charge most mobile devices in 3 hours. The unit can also last for up to 6 months on standby, maintaining its reliability even if it is not frequently used. 

Built-in safety features also ensure that you can always jump your bike safely without worrying about things like overcharging, reverse-polarity, or sparking. A manual override function also allows you to start the vehicle effectively with a sudden surge of power, recharging even flat batteries to allow your bike to get back on the road. 

Highlighted features: 

  • 1000 amp portable jump starter
  • Integrated USB charging ports
  • Manual power override for difficult starts
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty included
  • Provides solid and reliable power for 20 jump starts per charge

How to Buy a Motorcycle Jump Starter

Choosing the best portable jump starter for your motorcycle is an essential part of preparing for unforeseen circumstances that might occur when riding. However, with a large number of portable jump starters on the market it can be difficult to determine which model you should purchase. In this section we’ll go over some of the most crucial things to keep in mind when shopping for a portable jump starter for your motorcycle. 


The amperage of your chosen jump box is a major factor to consider when shopping for a jump box. Put simply, the amperage rating of a jump starter indicates how powerful the unit is, and therefore how much power can be transferred to your battery. This is an especially important thing to keep in mind if you plan to carry your jump box with you when driving, as a more powerful jump box will generally be useful for a wider range of applications. 


Making sure that the jump starter you are using is compatible with the voltage of your battery is another important thing to keep an eye on, as it determines whether the box can even be used on your battery. With some very rare exceptions, most motorcycle batteries are 12 volts, meaning that you should usually be looking for jump starters that work with 12 volt batteries. Before buying a jump starter, always double check your battery to make sure the voltage is correct. 

Built-In Protection

Dealing with electricity is not always a safe process, and for this reason it is a good idea to make sure that the jump box you are using has built-in protections against dangerous electrical situations which may pose a risk to you or to the battery. Be sure that you check for jump starters that protect against spark, overcharge, high temperatures, short-circuits, and reverse connections to ensure that the risk to you and your battery is minimized. 


Many modern motorcycle jump starters may be equipped with extra features that make them useful in a variety of different circumstances beyond simply jump starting your bike. USB charging, integrated flashlights, and LED displays are just a few of the options many of these jump starters include that make them useful tools for many on-road situations. 

How Do You Start a Motorcycle With a Dead Battery?

Carrying a portable jump starter with you is a great way to make sure that you can get back on the road if your bike’s battery dies unexpectedly. These devices are designed to be portable, reliable, and easy to use, with the process being simple and straightforward. 

Step 1: Connect your cables correctly

With both the jump starter and the motorcycle turned off, connect the cables from the jump starter to the battery correctly. Begin by connecting the red connection to the positive (+) terminal of the battery before connecting the black cable to the negative (-) terminal. 

Step 2: Turn on your jump starter

Once the positive and negative cables are securely attached, switch on your jump starter. In some instances, such as with starters that work with multiple different voltages, you will want to make sure that the starter is set to the correct mode (such as switching to 12v mode if your battery is a 12v battery) and be sure to check any LED indicator lights at this time, as they may provide you with useful information about the status of your battery. 

Step 3: Start your motorcycle

While the jump starter is turned on, try and start your bike. Be careful to limit the amount of time you are cranking the bike to about 2 to 3 seconds, as cranking it for an extended time can damage the battery. 

SPECIAL NOTE: If your bike fails to start, be sure to give the jump starter a few minutes to cool down before trying again. If your bike fails to start after several attempts, then the battery is completely out of charge, and you must replace it entirely. 

Step 4: Disconnect your jump starter

Once the bike is running again, disconnect the jump starter, removing the negative terminal first. Make sure the jump starter is switched off before putting it away, and disconnect any boosters or other accessories that may have been attached to help with starting your bike. 

SPECIAL NOTE: You may want to shift at a higher RPM than usual for the first 15 to 20 minutes of riding after a jump to ensure that the battery gets a solid charge from the bike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a car jump starter on my motorcycle?

Most portable jump starters are designed for use on multiple different vehicle types, including both motorcycles and cars. In the event you come across a charger that states it is for automotive use only, do not use it on a motorcycle, as such a unit is designed specifically to cater to a car’s battery and electrical system and may damage the battery on a motorcycle. 

Can I overcharge my motorcycle battery?

Jump starters and battery maintainers without the proper safety features run the risk of overcharging and damaging a motorcycle’s battery, making it extra important to make sure that the starter you use has features to avoid this. Fortunately, most jump starters and battery maintainers will be very upfront about the protective features on each unit, making it easy to be sure you have the necessary features to avoid overcharging. 

How many amps does it take to start a motorcycle?

The typical 12 volt motorcycle battery will require a little over 200 amps to start, although the overall condition of your bike can affect the amperage needed to start it as well. Newer engines will usually need about 210 amps to start, while older engines or engines with operational issues may need more. 

Final Verdict

Making sure that you choose the right portable jump starter for your bike is a great idea, especially if you spend a lot of time out on the road, and with this guide you will have all the information you need to make sure that you choose the unit that is the best fit for you and your motorcycle. 

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty jump box with plenty of additional features, or a simple and compact unit for use in emergencies, the tips provided here will help you make an informed choice that will ensure that you can keep on riding no matter what.

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