5 Best Motorcycle Radar Detectors Reviewed (2024)

5 Best Motorcycle Radar Detectors Reviewed (2024)

There are a lot of things to pay attention to on a motorcycle. From keeping an eye on the vehicles around you, to making sure you are on the correct road, at any given time you will be more concerned about making sure you are riding safely than constantly monitoring your speedometer to stay at precisely the posted speed limit. 

This means that it’s not unlikely that you may be caught going a few miles over the posted limit, especially if you happen to be keeping up with the pace of other traffic that is in a big hurry to get wherever they are going. Unfortunately, police radar only reads your speed, and getting caught exceeding the speed limit is an expensive reminder to slow down. 

Fortunately, there are gadgets available that can alert you of upcoming speed traps and remind you to keep an eye on your speed. We’ve done the research on these detectors and come up with 5 of the very best options available so that you can avoid the steep penalties for riding too fast around local law enforcement.

Best Overall

Escort Passport 8500 X50

Best Overall

Escort MAX360

Best Overall

Radenso Pro M

Where Should You Place a Radar Detector?

On a motorcycle, there aren’t very many places to attach a device like a radar detector, which can make mounting one a complicated process. However, there are some mounts available that allow you to place a radar detector in one of several spots on your bike that are easy to access, and more importantly easy to read. 

  • Handlebars: This is the most common mounting point for radar detectors, as it places the device directly in your line of sight and near other important information on the bike. A good mount should include rubberized bushings to dampen any vibration that may come from the handlebars or forks of the bike.
  • Brake or clutch area: This is the ideal place if you want your radar to be close and easy to reach or read. You’ll need a pinch bolt mounting to help you secure the device in place.
  • Mirror: Mounting a detector to your mirrors is a solid option for smaller devices that makes them easier to read, especially since you will likely be checking your mirrors regularly anyway.
  • Fork tube: Attaching a stem mount to the outer fork tube is common for some sport bikes like the Yamaha R6. One consideration for this mounting point, however, is that it places it outside of your normal line of sight, making it less effective overall.
  • Motorcycle fairing: Attaching a motorcycle radar detector to the fairing is a popular option among larger “dress bikes” with prominent, wind deflecting bodywork. Most fairings are plastic or fiberglass, so placing a radar detector behind them will not interfere with its functionality. This is also a low-profile mounting option, but similar to mounting on the fork, the device may be placed away from your normal line of sight.

Here you will get the best motorcycle radar detector reviews:-

The Best Motorcycle Radar Detector: Our Reviews

1. Escort Passport 8500 X50

Escort is one of the most respected brands in radar detectors, being in business since 1978. This model features some of the most advanced and comprehensive radar threat detection on the market, and draws on a database that includes every band of radar currently in use. 

Real-time ticket protection allows the motorcycle radar detector to communicate with other users to alert you to hotspots reported by other Escort users, as well as upload your own to ensure the most up to date information is always available.

360 degree protection also ensures maximum coverage from all directions, keeping you updated of speed traps and radar guns both ahead and behind for added coverage, and also filters out false positives that may come from automatic doors and even other radar detectors. 

This popular option from a reputable brand is a solid choice to make sure that you can stay one step ahead of speed traps and radar guns on your ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • 360 degree detection
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Can detect K, Ka, X, and Instant On POP band radar
  • Database of speed trap locations in the US
  • Easy to read LED display

2. Escort MAX360

This advanced option from Escort features speed-sensitive advanced technology, access to Escort’s massive database of speed cameras and radar, and exact frequency filtration to ensure that you are always provided with the most accurate and up to date information.

This Escort radar detector utilizing user-provided data on radar hotspots, and allowing you to add your own information to the database, ensures a reliable and community driven wealth of information that helps prevent unwanted attention from law enforcement. 

Featuring GPS-Based updates and information, this unit offers a constantly updated stream of information that is always relevant and minimizes false alarms to reduce unwanted distractions. Crystal clear voice alerts and hands free operation mean that you can stay focused on the road while staying informed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Patented anti-false alarm technology
  • 360 degree protection
  • Real-time ticket protection
  • Unique voice warnings for hands-free operation
  • Access to Escort’s database of speed trap hotspots
  • 1 year limited warranty

3. Radenso Pro M

This feature-rich offering from Radenso includes many of the features from the most popular brands in the industry, including an exceptionally long detection range and protection against false alarms.

This is the best motorcycle radar detector, that does not require any programming out of the box, and is a small option for a more low-profile installation that can easily avoid notice. 

Radenso also features a database of reported speed traps and red light cameras, allowing you to be aware of threats along your route that radar detectors without this support would miss.

US based support via phone and email ensure that you will always have reliable technical support available if you need it. The unit can also remember false alarms along your typical route, and block their detection to prevent you from having to hear the same false alert more than once.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extended range sensitivity
  • GPS Lockout to block false alarms
  • Detects K, Ka, X, MultiRadar, and Gatso
  • speed camera locations and red light camera database
  • Highway, city, and automatic detection modes
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

4. Adaptive Technologies TPX 2.0

This is the best motorcycle radar detector from Adaptive Technologies is a cost effective, motorcycle specific option designed to detect both radar and laser radar and speed traps. This unit is designed to be low profile, and is battery operated to make it a truly independent unit designed to be attached to a motorcycle. 

The casing is also water resistant, meaning that the unit will function normally, even when riding through rain or inclement weather. 

False-positive logic also helps reduce distracting false alarms so that you are only notified when there is actual radar ahead. This ensures that your focus is always on the road where it should be and you are not constantly being alerted when you don’t need to be.

Alerts come in the form of audio notifications and on the LED display, ensuring that you are always informed when there is radar ahead. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Detects all major radar and laser detector bands
  • Provides audio and visual alerts
  • Backlit controls for easy reading and adjustment
  • Includes universal mounting adapter
  • Audio jack allows connection with communication headsets

5. Uniden DFR7

For riders looking for an option with great performance, but a lower price tag, this detector from Uniden offers a good balance of protection and price. Featuring built-in GPS, 360 degree protection, and false-alarm monitoring, this radar detector is equipped with many of the same features found on high end models at a significantly lower cost. 

GPS capability does more than simply alerting you when you are entering a hotspot for radar or speed cameras. The detector can also alert you when you are exceeding the speed limit, which allows you to be proactive in maintaining a safe speed, rather than simply reacting to the potential for a ticket.

When combined with the 360 degree protection, excellent range, and wide band of radar coverage, these features make the Uniden DFR7 a great value in radar detection and ticket prevention. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Long range laser detector and radar detection
  • Speed limit warning system
  • Easy to read OLED display
  • Red light and speed camera alert
  • Audible voice alerts
  • Includes DC charging cable

What To Look For Before Buying?

Radar detection performance

The primary function of a motorcycle radar detector is to alert you of nearby police radar and speed cameras in order to allow you to slow down to the posted speed limit before getting pulled over by law enforcement. You can connect your radar detector app to your radar detector device.

For this reason, a radar detector’s ability to detect the various bands of radar in use across the US should be the most important thing to consider when shopping for the right unit for you. 

The most common radar types in use by law enforcement across the US are IntstantOn POP, K, Ka, and X. There are also 6 bands of laser detection used as well.

Choosing a motorcycle radar detector that can accurately detect all of these bands of radar and laser detector will help to ensure that it performs the main function that it is intended for. 

Some radar detectors will also use a combination of GPS support and a regularly updated database to locate hotspots like red light cameras and stationary speed traps that a radar detector alone may not be able to detect, increasing the level of coverage provided. 

False alert filtering

A common occurrence when dealing with most radar detectors is a false alert. Police radar shares a lot in common with completely unrelated systems such as collision alert systems on luxury vehicles, automatic doors, and remote start systems, and your radar detector can often interpret these signals as radar and alert you when there is no actual threat. 

Many radar detectors will have adjustment settings that help to filter out these false alerts and minimize the number of distracting alerts you get while you are riding, making sure that you only get alerted when you actually need to be.

This may take the form of adjustable sensitivity, or different riding modes for highway and city situations. 

As an example, most radar detectors’ highway modes will make the system less selective, alerting you more readily to sources of radar, while city modes will increase the selectivity of the system and provide fewer notifications.

Most GPS-equipped radar detectors will be able to automatically switch between these modes based on your actual location as well, providing a more convenient experience that relies less on your direct input.

Red & Speed camera alerts

Another excellent feature to look out for in a radar detector is whether it offers speed camera and red light camera notification.

These detectors will use reported locations for these stationary cameras in combination with GPS location to notify you when you are coming up on a speed camera or red light camera, giving you the chance to adjust your speed to avoid a ticket. 

Not all radar detectors can actually detect red light cameras, as not all red light cameras utilize a type of radar to activate.

It is for this reason that a radar detector with hotspot monitoring and red light notification is especially useful, providing a layer of additional ticket protection that a typical radar detector may not. 

Detection range

A major factor in how successful your radar detector will be in preventing tickets is its range. The longer the range of the radar detector, the more time you may have to adjust your speed.

In general a range of one mile or more is considered average, and will typically match the range of the police radar it is scanning. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most radar detectors do not have a longer range than police radar. If your radar detector alerts you it means that you are in range of a radar gun or speed trap.

Slowing down immediately increases the chances that the radar in question will not be pointed in your direction by the time you ride by its source, but is no guarantee that you haven’t already been clocked. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to use a motorcycle radar detector in the US?

The use of a radar detector is generally allowed in the United States, however each state will have its own rules and regulations relating to their use.

For instance, California does not allow the mounting of a radar detector to a vehicle’s windshield, while Virginia and Washington D.C. disallow the use of radar detectors entirely. 

Be sure to check with your own state’s laws to be sure that the radar detector you choose and all of its features are legal in your area.

2. Can police radar detect that I’m using a radar detector?

Yes. Police radar can detect a radar detector, and police in states like Virginia which comes under the radar detector illegal states, have been using RDD (Radar Detector Detectors) to identify vehicles using radar detectors for many years. 

While not all radar detectors can be detected by police radar, it is also fairly easy for an experienced traffic officer to tell when a driver or motorcyclist is using a radar detector as well.

3. Does the police radar work in rainy weather?

Yes. Although especially heavy rain and stormy conditions may have some small impact on the range of radar, the accuracy of a radar system is not impacted by the weather in any meaningful way. This goes for both radar, and most radar detectors. 

However, laser, which works on a different principle from radar will be affected by heavy rains and may be less effective at detecting a speeding vehicle in inclement weather. 

Final Verdict

It is extremely easy to lose track of the speed you are riding on any motorcycle, especially if you are dealing with things like heavy traffic, difficult road conditions, or simply trying to find your way in an unfamiliar environment. In these situations, nearly any motorcyclist can venture above the speed limit, resulting in expensive speeding tickets. 

By using a radar detector like the ones reviewed here, you will be able to stay informed of areas where running into police or speed cameras are a risk, and be reminded to keep an eye on your speed to avoid getting tickets and continue riding safely.

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