Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews: Suit Up for the Weather

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews: Suit Up for the Weather

When riding a motorcycle, there is always the chance that you will encounter rain or other inclement conditions. Rain especially can pose a serious risk to your health and safety, and not only by affecting the riding conditions. Riding in the rain can be cold, and uncomfortable, and that can not only have an effect on how you handle your bike, but even your health long after your ride is over. 

Fortunately, there is motorcycle rain gear available that can help protect you from the elements, keeping you warm, dry, and healthy. Rain gear can also help increase your visibility during stormy weather, ensuring that other motorists can see you through the reduced visibility. This helps prevent dangerous incidents with other vehicles that can result in serious injury, or even death. 

However, not every piece of motorcycle rain gear is the same, and there are some factors to consider when you are looking for rain gear of your own. In this list, we will take a look at several of the best options available, as well as go over some of the most critical things to look out for when choosing the best motorcycle rain gear for yourself. We will also examine some of the main benefits to using rain gear in the first place, so that you can better understand why having a set of your own is so important. 

Here Are Our Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews:

#1: Joe Rocket Women’s RS-2 Rain Suit

This women’s rain suit from Joe Rocket is an excellent option to keep female riders warm and dry when riding in rainy conditions. The suit is designed to be worn over your clothes, and features waterproof polyester material with a PVC backing. To accommodate the heat of a motorcycle’s exhaust, the lower leg area is also melt-resistant, which is a nice feature to have, especially for bikes where your gear may be close to the exhaust. 

Not only does this two-piece set feature waterproof materials, but it also makes use of reflective materials, and even comes in hi-vis colors to ensure that other drivers will see you on the road. This is an important layer of safety to consider, as rain storms reduce on-road visibility, which can make for a more dangerous ride without reflective materials. 


  • MATERIAL: PVC-Backed Polyester
  • SIZES: Medium – XX-Large
  • GENDER: women’s


  • Specifically designed for motorcycle riding
  • Includes reflective materials for better visibility
  • Waterproof to keep you warm and dry on the road


  • Runs small for some riders

#2: Nelson Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

This two-piece rain suit from Nelson Rigg includes many excellent features to keep you warm, dry, and safe on your motorcycle, even in heavy rain and stormy conditions. The durable material is backed up by features including taped seams, adjustable cuffs, and a full-length waterproof zipper to ensure maximum protection from the elements. 

In addition to the heavy duty protection from the elements, this two piece suit also features reflective accents and high visibility options to ensure that you are easily seen on the road. This suit is definitely a good option for any rider to carry with them in case of inclement weather, and can go a long way toward keeping you safe and dry, no matter how difficult conditions may get on the road. 


  • MATERIAL: Polyester with PVC backing
  • SIZE: Small – 3X-Large
  • GENDER: Unisex


  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Waterproof design
  • Secure fit with extra weather protection features
  • All color options include reflective elements


  • Heavy duty rain suit is not as light as some competitors

#3: HWK Rainsuit R-1

HWK delivers a versatile and effective two-piece rain suit specifically designed for use by motorcyclists. Not only are the jacket and pants completely waterproof, but they are also designed with an anti-slip texture to help hold you securely in your motorcycle seat. Featuring durable polyester material, elastic closures, and a secure hook and loop closure over the zipper, this rain suit is able to keep you warm and dry in most rainy conditions. 

Hi visibility features are also a major factor in this rain suit, and it is available in several different color options that make use of bright and reflective materials to improve your visibility in stormy conditions. These features, designed with motorcycle riding in mind, make the R-1 an excellent choice for any motorcyclist to carry with them in order to be better prepared for the rain. 


  • MATERIAL: Polyester
  • SIZES: Small – 4X-Large
  • GENDER: Unisex


  • Motorcycle specific features for optimal riding
  • Reflective materials and high visibility color options
  • Completely waterproof


  • Hook closure is a potential leak point

#4: Tourmaster Defender 2.0

Tourmaster’s two-piece Defender 2.0 rain suit is an outstanding option for any rider to carry to ensure that they stay warm and dry if there is a need to ride in the rain. This matched set of pants and jacket features a polyurethane-backed nylon shell, under-the-helmet hood that prevents leaks around the neck, and removable suspenders and leg stirrups for a truly secure fit. 

Reflective piping is featured on all color options, making it easier for other motorists to see you on the road, even in stormy conditions when visibility is poor. The suit is also sized to be worn over your existing motorcycle gear, which means you will not have to choose between important motorcycle padding and staying dry in the rain. However, this rain suit is only available in X-Small sizes, and therefore may not be a good fit for every rider. 


  • MATERIAL: Polyurethane-backed nylon
  • SIZE: X-Small
  • GENDER: Men’s/Unisex


  • Features stirrups and suspenders for an especially secure fit 
  • Rain gear Sized specifically to be worn over motorcycle gear
  • Incorporates reflective materials to improve visibility
  • Completely waterproof design


  • Only available in one size

#5: Viking Cycle Rain Gear for Men

Viking Cycle delivers this heavy duty two-piece rain suit for riders who may face difficult and rainy conditions, featuring polyurethane-coated polyester material that is waterproof, windproof, and specifically designed to handle hazardous conditions that orders may encounter when riding. This motorcycle rain suit is available in four different colors, all of which also make use of reflective materials to ensure that you are not only dry, but visible while riding in the rain. 

This rain gear suit also features a design that fits over your gear without being excessively bulky, enhancing not only your look on the road, but keeping out of your way while you are riding. This is an especially notable upgrade to many bulkier sets of rain gear that can sometimes feel like riding in a trash bag when wearing them. 


  • MATERIAL: Polyurethane-coated polyester
  • SIZE: Small – XX-Large
  • GENDER: Men’s


  • Specifically designed for riding in heavy rain
  • Reflective materials incorporated into all color options
  • Rain gear Designed to fit close over motorcycle gear


  • Somewhat heavier than some competitors
  • Lower profile design can run small for some riders

#6: ILM RS02

This set of rain gear from ILM is designed with convenience in mind, featuring 6 pockets in the jacket, and including a carrying bag that can store your gear when it is not in use. The jacket and pants are windproof and waterproof, ensuring that you can stay protected from the rain, even in heavy storms. This rain gear is also lightweight, and fitted to be useful for other activities as well, and can be used for any outdoor adventure in inclement conditions. 

However, this rain suit also lacks several features that its competitors make use of that compromise its effectiveness in several ways. This suit does not use reflective material, which can be hazardous when riding in heavy rain. The low-profile fit of the suit is also not designed with your protective equipment in mind, meaning that it must be ordered several sizes up, or worn under your regular gear, which may keep you warm, but you will still have to spend time drying your rain gear after your ride. 


  • MATERIAL: Nano-Fabric
  • SIZE: Small – 3X-Large
  • GENDER: Men’s


  • Includes 6 waterproof pockets 
  • Waterproof and windproof design is great for heavy storms
  • Lightweight material 


  • This Rain Gear Does not fit easily with protective motorcycle gear
  • Thin material may be ineffective when riding in some conditions
  • No reflective materials makes this suit difficult to see in stormy conditions

#7: Alpha Cycle Gear Rain Suit

This rain suit from Alpha Cycles provides weather resistant performance in a lightweight and easy to carry option. A carrying bag is included with the suit, and Alpha Cycles backs up their product with a 3 year warranty in case of defects. The waterproof suit is also designed with motorcycle riding in mind, featuring high visibility colors and reflective surfaces that ensure you will not only be warm and dry, but easy to see on the road. 

The pants of this suit also feature an anti-slip texture that helps keep you securely in the seat, and removable stirrups that hold the pants themselves more securely in place. All of these features also come in a lightweight and breathable design that will not weight you down when worn or carried, and a unisex fit that can accomodate both men and women. 


  • MATERIAL: Vinyl
  • SIZE: Small – XX-Large
  • GENDER: Unisex


  • Durable, waterproof and windproof material
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • High visibility color options and reflective surfaces for maximum visibility


  • Some riders may not like the vinyl material
  • May be less effective while riding in heavy rain

#8: Swisswell Men’s Rain Suit

This general purpose rain suit from Swisswell is a solid option to carry, especially if you ride out for outdoor activities with a high chance of rain. This suit features a double seal design to ensure that you stay dry, even when the rain is coming down heavy. The lightweight material is breathable and easy to move in, which is a major advantage when wearing the suit across multiple different activities in inclement weather. 

However, this rain suit is not designed specifically with motorcycle riding in mind, which means it lacks several features that are common among motorcycle specific rain gear. All of the suit options are in cool colors or camouflage patterns, which do not help with visibility, and the fit of rain gear is not meant to fit over your motorcycle gear which means you will need to order a larger size to accommodate it. 


  • MATERIAL: Polyester
  • SIZE: Medium – 3X-Large
  • GENDER: Men’s


  • Lightweight and breathable materials
  • Double seal design to protect from heavy rain and moisture


  • No reflective or high visibility options available
  • Does not easily fit over motorcycle gear

#9: FROGG TOGGS Men’s Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit

This lightweight and waterproof suit from FROGG TOGGS is an excellent choice to carry with you in the case of rain. The package includes a jacket and pants that are specifically designed for the outdoors, and come in a wide variety of colors to suit virtually any rider. 

The polyester material is lightweight, breathable, and multilayered to provide the best possible protection from the elements. Not only is this rain suit useful for riding in the rain, but it is also a good choice for other outdoor activities during inclement weather, and is not specifically designed for any one use. 

However, unlike purpose made motorcycle gear, this rain gear suit is not designed with heavy wind chill in mind, and it may not be as effective as some heavier duty rain suits when it comes to keeping you warm on your bike. Therefore it is not recommended for use in very heavy rain conditions when riding. 


  • MATERIAL: 100% Polyester
  • SIZES: Small – XX-Large
  • GENDER: Men’s 


  • Wind and water resistant
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable fit
  • Many different color and size options available


  • General weather resistant design may not be adequate for riding in heavy rain conditions
  • No pockets
  • No reflective materials on some options

#10: FROGG TOGGS Women’s Classic All-Purpose Waterproof Breathable Suit

FROGG TOGGS delivers a lightweight, general purpose rain suit for women that can effectively protect from wind and rain while riding or while performing any other outdoor activities in inclement weather. The polypropylene material is completely waterproof, and the jacket features secure closures to avoid any leaking. The rain suit is also fully adjustable, allowing it to fit a wide variety of riders of all shapes and sizes. 

This rain suit also comes in high visibility color options that are especially useful for riding in the rain, as the suit can not only keep you warm and dry, but also ensure that the other drivers on the road are aware of you, even when the rain makes visibility poor. However, this is a general purpose rain suit, and is not specifically designed for riding a motorcycle, meaning that the thin and lightweight material may not be as effective at protecting you from the elements as a heavier, purpose made suit may be. 


  • MATERIAL: Polypropylene
  • SIZE: Small – X-Large
  • GENDER: Women


  • Completely waterproof material and design
  • Available with high-visibility color options
  • Adjustable for a versatile fit


  • Thin and lightweight material may not be as effective as some competitors when riding
  • Some color options do not offer high visibility
  • Size may be too small for some riders

Benefits of Motorcycle Rain Gear

There are several different benefits to carrying and using a set of rain gear. Whether you ride in an area with lots of heavy rainfall, or a location with a drier climate, the chances of having to ride through a rainstorm are very, very high, and it can pay to be prepared in advance. 

It Keeps you Comfortable and Dry

Riding motorcycle in rain

Being comfortable when riding a motorcycle is about more than just having a nice experience. Your comfort can have a major effect on your safety, as being uncomfortable can lead to distractions, which then lead to mistakes that can be dangerous or even fatal in certain circumstances. A rain suit addresses this by keeping you dry, even when riding through a downpour. 


While your overall comfort level has an effect on your safety, being heavily soaked while riding carries greater risks than just making you uncomfortable. When you are wet, you are significantly more vulnerable to windchill, which can lower your temperature, make you very uncomfortable, and even have an effect on your health long after you have finished your ride. Rain gear protects you from wind and rain, which is better for both your comfort, as well as your health. 

Enhances Visibility

Heavy storms and cloudy conditions can have a major impact when it comes to on-road visibility. This increases the possibility of accidents, especially for motorcycles, as you will always be smaller and harder to spot than a car, and the reduced visibility of a rainstorm makes you even more difficult to see. Many rain suits, especially those designed specifically for riding a motorcycle, will incorporate high visibility designs and reflective surfaces that make you much more visible on the road, and reduce the chances for getting into a dangerous accident with another vehicle. 

motorcycle rain
motorcycle rain

How to Pick The Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

Choosing the best rain gear to carry in case of a storm will often come down to several factors. These different considerations may seem small, but they have a big impact on how effective the rain gear you are using can be. The more frequently you anticipate needing to use your rain suit, the more important these factors become, and you should keep them in mind when shopping for your own set of rain gear. 


When looking for a suit to wear in the rain, one of the first and most important things to consider is the material that it is made from. The materials used should be durable, and completely waterproof, especially if you live in an area where rain is a major feature of your typical commute. A suit that is simply water resistant will prove insufficient, as such a material will not be able to effectively keep you dry when riding through a rainstorm. 


This feature is another critical component, and should never, ever, be glossed over when you are looking for a good rain suit. In order to enhance your visibility, most motorcycle rain suits will feature high visibility colors, reflective strips of material, and other highly visible features to ensure than the other motorists around you can tell where you are. 

Going without a high visibility color, and especially going without reflective surfaces, can be extremely risky, as in the reduced visibility of a rainstorm the surrounding vehicles may not be able to see you. This can result in dangerous and sometimes fatal accidents, which is why you should ensure that you choose a rain suit that not only keeps you warm and dry, but also increases your visibility. 


A motorcycle rain suit should be worn over your existing gear, and as such will be much larger than a typical coat or pair of pants. However, a rain suit that is too bulky can be difficult to move and maneuver in, and in some cases can get in the way of safely and effectively operating your motorcycle. 

When considering a rain suit for yourself, you should be sure to choose one that will fit over your typical riding gear, but that is not excessively baggy or loose. A perfect fit will go over your gear snugly and comfortably, covering all of your gear without leaving a lot of extra material to blow in the wind. 


A good rain suit will keep you warm, but should not be stifling either. A suit that is not breathable can be very hot, causing you to sweat and become very uncomfortable, presenting a similar risk as being heavily soaked by the rain when it comes to your concentration on riding. 

A lightweight suit that makes use of breathable materials is an ideal option, as it will keep you dry without causing you to overheat. Some rain suits may also offer ventilation that allows airflow without compromising the suit’s ability to keep you dry. If breathability is an issue for you, keep an eye out for these features. 


Riding a motorcycle in the rain poses several risks to any motorcyclist, however, these risks can be dramatically reduced by carrying and using a good quality set of rain gear. In this guide, we went over several solid options to consider when looking for a rain suit of their own. We also went over the benefits of a good set of rain gear, and several important factors to keep in mind when you go looking for your own suit. 

While many riders will have different preferences when it comes to style, or may even need specific features to accommodate their unique situation, these helpful tips will ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to make an educated decision, and choose a set of rain gear that will keep you warm, dry, and safe for the road ahead. 

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