10 Best Motorcycle Stand Reviews 2024 – Buying Guide

10 Best Motorcycle Stand Reviews 2024 – Buying Guide

Cleaning, performing basic maintenance, and properly storing your bike are all essential parts of owning a motorcycle and making sure that it stays in top condition. However, these tasks are significantly more difficult if your bike is not well balanced and supported.

While the kickstand on a motorcycle is fine for parking, it is not well suited for every situation, especially when it comes to doing any kind of mechanical work. 

This is where having a good quality motorcycle stand will come in handy. A motorcycle stand keeps the motorcycle securely balanced and upright, providing easy access to components like the brakes, wheels, and tires for cleaning and maintenance.

By holding the motorcycle securely a stand allows you to safely carry out all the tasks that are involved with keeping your motorcycle in excellent condition. 

In the following guide we’ll take a look at what makes a top quality motorcycle stand, and give you a list of some of the very best you can buy today that make everything from maintenance to storage much, much easier.

Best Overall

Venom Sport Front and Rear Combo

Best Overall

Safstar Rear Wheel Spool Stand

Best Overall

Venom Motorcycle Triple-Tree Front Wheel Lift

How to Use Motorcycle Stand?

(A). How to use the rear motorcycle stand:

A rear motorcycle stand is designed to hold your bike from the swingarm. The most common models will lift the bike using small points mounted to the swingarm itself, and most motorcycles will feature tapped locations where these points can be easily installed.

Some other models of this type of stand will attach below the swingarm. 

Step 1: Using one hand to support the motorcycle, slide the stand into position behind the bike and clip the stand onto the installed pegs. (Under the swingarm if your model does not use mounting pegs)

Step 2: Once you have secured your motorcycle to the stand, press down on its lever and slowly lift the bike – remember to keep a hand on the motorcycle as well for added stability. 

Step 3: Some motorcycle stands will have an extra lock that can be engaged once the bike is in the air for added security. Give the bike a gentle shake to be sure that it is secure on the lift and that the lift is properly engaged before doing any work while the bike is elevated. 

Special note: For safety reasons it is a good idea to avoid moving your bike around while it is on the stand. While some motorcycle stands feature rollers to allow you to reposition the motorcycle, lots of movement is not recommended. 

(B). How to use the front motorcycle stand:

Front mounted motorcycle stands are good options for added security, but should not be used on their own. Only when you have securely fixed a rear stand in place should you use a front motorcycle mount. 

Front mounted motorcycle stands can secure your bike from below the steering head or from the bottom of the front forks. A front mount that lifts the bike from below the steering head is especially useful for repair or maintenance that involves removing or working with the front forks. 

If you are using a lift that is positioned under the steering head, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Position the motorcycle stand pin under the steering head and check that the pin is fully inserted into its receiver. 

Step 2: Once the pin is in place, press down the stand’s lever and lift the bike. 

Step 3: Remember to give the bike a small shake to check that the bike stand is secure and the bike is not going to come off the stand while you are working. 

Follow these steps instead if you are using a bike stand that mounts below the forks. 

Step 1: Position your stand in the center of the front wheel and check that the mount’s swivels are centered to the front forks. If the swivels are off-center the chance that the bike will come off the bike stand is significantly higher, and risks damage to the bike or injury. 

Step 2: Slowly and carefully press the lift’s lever and lift the bike. 

Step 3: Give the bike a small shake test to be sure that it has been lifted successfully and will not come off of the mount. Always be sure that the bike is securely in place before beginning any work. 

Special note: Always begin by setting up your rear stand first. Setting up the rear motorcycle stands first provides stability and ensures safety when lifting or working on a motorcycle. Using a front stand on its own increases the chance of the bike tipping over, which can result in damage to the motorcycle and serious injury to whoever is working on it. The first priority when working on any motorcycle should always be personal safety. 

Below are the complete motorcycle stand buyers guide:-

10 Best Motorcycle Stand Reviews:

1. Venom Sport Front and Rear Combo

This set of front stand and rear stands is a great combo package built to stand up to regular use for many of the popular sport bike models on the market. 

Featuring heavy duty steel construction and reinforced welds, these stands are an excellent choice for maintenance, cleaning, and storage of your motorcycle. 

An elongated handle design helps ensure that lifting your motorcycle is a simple and easy process, and the brackets adjust to ensure that the motorcycle stands can accommodate your specific requirements.

A set of four caster wheels improves stability and support when the bike is in the air. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear spool and front fork lift set
  • High grade steel construction
  • Easily lifts both the front wheel and rear stand of most motorcycles
  • Designed to accommodate most models of sportbikes
  • Easy, 5-minute assembly

2. Safstar Rear Wheel Spool Stand

This rear stand from Safstar uses a spool design to safely and securely lift the rear end of most motorcycles with minimal effort. The width of the bike stand is adjustable from 8 ¾” to 12 ½”, ensuring a wide range of compatibility. 

Features like a rubberized slip pad on the frame help to ensure that the bike stand can securely and safely hold your motorcycle. 

This bike stand is suitable for use in home garages as well as repair shops, and is designed to provide simple and secure support for your motorcycle that is quick and convenient to set up and easy to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 caster wheels for enhanced stability
  • Powder coated black finish
  • Adjustable width to fit most bikes
  • durable welded steel construction

3. Venom Motorcycle Triple Tree Headlift Front Wheel Lift Stand

This front wheel mount from Venom Motorcycle is designed to accommodate any kind of repair or maintenance job on the front of your motorcycle. Using heavy duty steel construction, this mount is meant to be sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. 

Included in the package is a set of five different pins that can accommodate most models of motorcycle from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, and Suzuki.

The dimensions of the pins included are 18mm, 17mm, 16.5mm, 15mm, and 13mm, which covers most models of sport bikes on the market. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Completely lifts the front wheel of your bike
  • High-grade steel construction
  • Suitable for most sports bikes
  • Designed for easy assembly

4. Excel PST-004 Gold Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand

This extremely cost efficient, universal motorcycle stand is made from heavy duty steel with a zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion. The welded tip is meant to fit virtually any model of motorcycle, allowing this mount to be attached to anything from dirt bikes to cruisers. (Perfect for dirt bikes).

While not designed for the kind of heavy use that larger motorcycle stands are meant to accommodate, this mount offers a cost effective option for riders that are looking to provide stability to their bike while in storage, and is a good alternative for bikes that may not be equipped with an adequate kickstand. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Welded tip fits most models of motorcycle
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Rust and corrosion resistant zinc coating
  • Designed to save space

5. Ruedamann 550 lbs motorcycle Stand

This heavy duty rear motorcycle stand offers safe, secure, and reliable strength that can accommodate virtually any motorcycle. Made from lightweight aluminum alloy, this stand is easy to set up, but strong enough to easily support up to 550 lbs, and the width can be adjusted to any width from 9.8” to 13.8” to fit an extremely wide variety of bikes. 

This mount is designed for easy assembly, and reinforced to ensure durability. Whether being used for intensive repairs, quick maintenance, or simple storage, the strong performance and adaptability of this mount ensures that every task is a simple affair.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Designed for easy assembly and use
  • Reinforced construction for maximum reliability
  • Wide adjustment range fits most bikes

6. Specstar Heavy Duty Rear Wheel Lift Stand

This heavy duty, adjustable rear wheel mount from Specstar offers reinforced construction and top quality materials for a reliable and safe option for lifting your motorcycle. Whether you will be performing serious repairs, basic maintenance, or just storing your bike, this lift is designed to easily accommodate any type of motorcycle, and includes all the hardware you will need for easy setup. 

The arms of this lift can adjust from 10.2” to 14.2” which provides a solid range that covers most motorcycle widths. This lift can reliably hold up to 440 lbs, making its strength sufficient for all but the very heaviest motorcycles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy duty reinforced steel construction
  • Powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • All needed hardware is included
  • Supports up to 440 lbs
  • Adjustable arms to accommodate multiple models of motorcycle

7. Moto-D Front and Rear Swingarm Stands

This front and rear combo set from Moto-D offers heavy duty support for both the front and rear stand of your motorcycle, allowing for the best support when you need to do repairs or maintenance work. 

Built from heavy duty, reinforced aluminum, these mounts are designed to provide maximum stability to allow you to safely perform any work that your bike may need without having to worry about the stability of the mounting stands. 

Moto-D also offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products, providing additional peace of mind, and constant updates to the product design mean that these motorcycle stands are also designed with modern industry standards in mind.

 Adjustable rollers allow these mounts to accommodate most models of sportbike as well. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable aluminum sportbike stands
  • Rolling rubber inline wheels
  • Fits sportbikes with rear swingarm spools
  • Limited lifetime warranty

8. Apextreme Motorcycle Stand

This bright red stand from Apextreme offers exceptional weight handling with high grade steel construction, easy assembly, and a colorful finish. The stand can handle up to a maximum weight of 750 lbs, and is able to accommodate a wide variety of bikes thanks to the adjustable U hooks, which can sit as narrow as 7.48 inches, or extend out to 13.38 inches. This allows the stand to be used with most models of motorcycle without issue. 

For safety, the joints of the lift are reinforced, and there are four wheels for added stability.

The glossy finish is also practical, making the stand resistant to corrosion, as well as damage caused by dirt and oil, which is an excellent feature for performing maintenance or modification on a motorcycle. 

Highlighted Features:

  • High gloss coating protects from corrosion and damage from oil and dirt
  • Weight capacity up to 750 lbs
  • Wide adjustment range to fit several models of motorcycle
  • Built from high grade steel

9. Donext Motorcycle Stand

For riders of especially heavy sportbikes, this high capacity motorcycle stand from Donext allows you to safely and securely hold your motorcycle in place whether for mechanical work or storage. 

The industrial grade steel is coated with a high gloss finish that helps to resist rust and corrosion, and will not deform over time even when used to hold motorcycles up to 850 lbs. 

Hardware for L and U type mounting is included, allowing this mount to be used with bikes both with and without mounting spools, and the mounting points can be adjusted from 10.24” to 14.17” to ensure that nearly all models of motorcycle are supported.

Highlighted Features:

  • High lifting capacity of 850 lbs
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Built from industrial grade steel
  • Includes hardware to accommodate bikes with or without mounting spools

10. Maxxhaul 80401 Wheel Cleaning Stand

This stand by Maxshaul is designed specifically to allow for easier wheel cleaning and maintenance, using a pair of rollers to allow the wheel to turn freely. It is the great value for your money.

This allows easier access for cleaning wheels, checking tire pressure, and many other tasks that would be difficult without a stand. 

6 rubber feet provide excellent traction to keep the stand from slipping while in use, ensuring excellent stability while you are working on your bike. Setting the bike up on the stand is simple, thanks to a simple ramp design that guides the wheel into place.

The aluminum construction does not rust or corrode, resulting in a stand that you can use regularly over the life of your motorcycle. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Rubber feet for traction and stability
  • High quality aluminum construction
  • Holds up to 500 lbs
  • Allows wheel to turn freely for easy maintenance and cleaning

What To Look For Before Buying?


When looking for a quality motorcycle stand, the first priority should always be durability. When working on a motorcycle, the stand that you are using will be critical not just in avoiding damage to the bike, but in avoiding personal injury as well. Therefore you will want to be sure that the stand you are using is sturdy and reliable. 

The material that the stand is made from is a major factor in how durable it is. Motorcycle stands made from thin or cheap materials are less reliable and riskier to use.

Stainless steel and aluminum are two of the most common and most reliable materials on offer, and are often treated with coatings that make them highly resistant to rust and corrosion. This goes a long way to ensuring that the stand you choose is sturdy and long-lasting. 


A safe stand is an absolute must, and while durability is a major factor in how safe a stand will be, there are often other features built into the stand to ensure that it is safe to use.

Look for features specifically tailored to increasing the stand’s grip, both on the bike and on the floor. Locks that keep any moving parts in place are also a great thing to look for, and can go a long way toward ensuring your safety. 

A good idea is to check out what other users of the stand are saying before committing to a purchase, as this feedback goes beyond what the stand is designed to handle and into what it has actually handled in the real world.

This firsthand information may also include things to watch out for that the specifications of your chosen stand may not cover.


Buying from a reputable brand with an established presence in the industry is a good way to be sure that you are buying a good product.

In many cases these brands specialize in equipment that is regularly used in professional repair shops, and they will sometimes offer warranties or support for any product purchased from them. 

Pit Bull, Woodcraft, and Venom are just a few of the well-known brands that make quality motorcycle stands.

If you are unsure about a brand, it may be a good idea to check with your local mechanic shop to see which brands the mechanics trust when working on their own motorcycles, as their experience may cover a wider range than what is immediately available on the internet. 

Other features:

Other features that you may consider when looking into a motorcycle stand will vary depending on your specific use. 

  • A lightweight, foldable stand may be useful if you want to take your stand along on long rides or along trails.
  • Motorcycle stands that offer versatile mounting options may be useful if you have more than one bike that you may need to work on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are motorcycle stands universal?

Most motorcycle stands are adjustable to allow them to fit a wide range of motorcycles. However, there are specific factors that go into what these motorcycle stands can support which may make them poorly suited for specific models or styles of bike.

Be sure to check the specifications to be sure that the stand you are looking at can accommodate your make, model, and year of bike. 

2. Do I need to use both the front and rear motorcycle stands?

In most cases you will not need to use both a front and rear motorcycle stand, however if you are using a stand at all you should always be sure that you are using a rear stand. Rear motorcycle stands is what I prefer to you.

Front motorcycle stands alone cannot safely support the bike, and if you wish to elevate the front, you must support the back first. 

3. Can I use the center stand alone when working on my bike?

Simply using a motorcycle’s center stand is not recommended when carrying out any maintenance work on your motorcycle. While the center stand can keep the wheels off the ground, it is also much less stable than using dedicated motorcycle stands that are specifically designed to help with motorcycle maintenance. 

Final Verdict

A motorcycle stand is an essential tool to have in the garage of any motorcycle owner. Motorcycle stands make performing maintenance and repairs on your bike much easier and safer, and can even be used to more efficiently store your motorcycle when it is not in use. 

In this guide, we have provided information on what to look for when it is time to purchase your own motorcycle stand, and also listed off several of the best rated options on the market today.

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty stand for major repairs, or a simple and lightweight option to safely store your favorite motorcycle, these tips will help make sure that you make the right choice when it comes to a quality stand for whatever your needs happen to be.

Pit Bull Fork-Lift Front Stand

The fully-faired design of sport-bikes, and their usual lack of a center stand can make routine maintenance a pain. Pit Bull Fork-Lift Front Stands go a long way in reducing that pain.

If you are curious to know about a home-made DIY motorcycle lift, then you must read our guide on how to build a motorcycle lift in the comfort of your garage.

Pit Bull Fork-Lift Front Stand

As the name would suggest, this Pit Bull stand raises the front end by wedging under the front fork arm bottoms. The physics of the raising action involves the leverage of the handle and the movement of the contact wheels. Simple and effective.An added bonus of the design is that it eliminates metal-to-metal contact, so there will be no scratching or gouging as you raise your bike. The rubber wheels also mean that you will not scar up your garage floor.There are some telling comments from Cycle Gear’s customer base. One user said, “I have heard so many great things about these Pitbull motorcycle stands. All of them are true. They are very easy to use. Excellent for preventative maintenance on your bike. Very stable, the bike will not tip over while on this stand.”And how is this for a solid testimonial? “I use these in the garage for general storage and at the track. They are so solid. Don’t even think about buying any other stand.”The stand runs about $150 and works on most-sport bike designs.

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