The Best Motorcycle Tire Plug Repair Kit

The Best Motorcycle Tire Plug Repair Kit

The Best Motorcycle Tire Plug Repair Kit

Even the most careful and attentive motorcyclists may run into unexpected problems on the road, and tire punctures are especially common. A damaged tire on a motorcycle is especially dangerous, as properly inflated tires are critical for keeping the bike upright, and any loss of air pressure can seriously destabilize the machine. 

If your tire fails, the main solution is to replace it. However, replacing a motorcycle tire is not always quick, and in some situations the new tire may not even be readily available. Fortunately, there is a temporary solution that may be able to keep you on the road. Tire repair kits are available to provide a stopgap until the replacement is ready. 

In this guide we will go over ten of the best tire repair kits available today, as well as provide a few pointers and clarify some common misconceptions about this process. With the information here, you will be much more informed, and be able to determine for yourself when and if patching your tire can help in most situations you encounter. 

Is it Safe to Patch a Motorcycle Tire?

This is a question that doesn’t actually have a definitive yes or no answer. Whether it is safe to patch a damaged tire will be determined by severely different things, including the type of the tire, the size and nature of the damage, and your own experience level. The patching process can be intimidating for less experienced riders, and in many cases attempting a patch will just make the situation worse. 

No matter the situation, however, patching is never a permanent fix. Using a tire patch is a stopgap that can allow you to travel short distances, and once a tire is damaged to the point of needing to be patched it should be replaced. If you are in a situation where you do not absolutely have to patch the tire, then don’t. 

10 Best Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit Reviews

There are quite a few tool kits on the market today, some with better quality or more options than others. In order to help you pick out the best option for your own situation, we’ve done the research in order to bring you this list of the ten best kits currently available. 

#1: Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

This full kit of tools for tire repairs from Boulder Tools is an excellent option for anyone to have in their garage. There are 56 pieces included with this kit, including spare valve stems, pliers, a tire pressure gauge, and more to ensure that you are prepared for any tire repair job.

The wide array of tools in this kit means that you will be able to patch most types of punctures on any kind of tire. Color instructions included in the kit are also included, simplifying the patch process for anyone who may not have performed this kind of repair before. Boulder Tools also stands behind the quality of their equipment with a lifetime warranty.  


  • Includes 56 specific pieces to cover most patch situations
  • Includes photo instructions on patch process
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Hardshell storage case included


  • Case is not suited to carrying on the road
  • Does not include compressor

#2: Stop & Go 6000

This repair kit from Stop & Go provides you with everything you may need to repair a punctured tire on the go, including 15 plugs, a probe and rasp, and a portable 12 volt air compressor. Stop & Go’s mushroom plugs are designed to expand under pressure in order to prevent the plug from leaking air. 

The compressor’s power cord fits battery tender connectors as well, allowing it to be used, even if you do not have access to a wall outlet. However, this kit does not include a set of pliers, so you will need to purchase a set separately in order to make effective use of this kit. 


  • Includes a full set of tools and 15 mushroom plugs
  • 12 volt portable air compressor is included
  • Carrying bag is included with the kit


  • No pliers included with the package

#3: Stop & Go 1075

For any rider looking for a kit they can easily carry with them, the Stop & Go 1075 kit is a solid option. This kit includes several tools to make performing a patch on the go as easy as possible. The included tire plugger is built to make fitting the plug as effortless as possible, minimizing the amount of time and effort that it would otherwise take to fit the plug into the tire. 

25 of Stop & Go’s mushroom plugs are also included in this kit, ensuring that you will not only have the tools you need, but the plugs for the job as well. All of this fits neatly into the included vinyl pouch for easy storage that can fit in even very small compartments. However, this kit does not include an air compressor or a set of pliers, which means you will have to source these two components from elsewhere. 


  • Small, lightweight set of tools with a convenient carrying pouch
  • Included tire plugger simplifies the plugging process
  • 25 plugs included


  • Does not include pliers in the kit
  • No air compressor is included with this kit

#4: Dynaplug PRO Aluminum

This very simple tool from Dynaplug is designed to be the quickest and easiest to use option for plugging a tire puncture on the market, and forgoes a more complicated repair process in exchange for an emergency repair that is possible to complete in under a minute. Included in this kit are several tools to make the process quick and easy, as well as 8 plugs and a compact carrying tube. 

While most plug kits use a wide array of tools to clear and seal the puncture, this simplified tool combines all of the steps into one device. Dynapro also backs their product with a limited lifetime warranty. However, using this tool can ultimately be more difficult than the typical T-handle tools used by most kits, and may not be effective for every situation. 


  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Simplified process can take under a minute in some cases
  • Includes all the tools needed for the patch


  • May have difficulty with some thicker motorcycle tires
  • Does not include pliers or air compressor in the kit
  • May not seal some punctures

#5: Betooll tire Repair Kit

This compact set of tools from Betooll comes with 24 pieces to allow you to perform quick repairs to damaged tires. T-Handles on both the probe and insertion tool provide enough leverage to handle most jobs, and the kit also comes with 15 repair plugs to allow for repeated uses. 

All of the parts of the kit fit neatly in the included carrying case for easy transportation, and instructions are also included in the package to ensure that your repair goes smoothly. Betooll also offers a warranty for any factory defects, so you will never have to worry about purchasing a dud product. You will need access to an air compressor and a pair of pliers, however, as the kit does not include either. 


  • Simple, easy to use traditional tool kit
  • Includes a compact carrying case
  • Repair instructions included in the package


  • Kit does not contain pliers or an air compressor
  • Plug may not be effective for all repairs

#6: Stop & Go 1001

This kit from Stop & Go provides almost everything needed in order to handle an emergency tire repair. Not only will you be able to plug the puncture, but the included Co2 inflation kit can restore lost air pressure and help ensure that you get back home or to your nearest repair shop safely. 

Included in the kit are all of the attachments you will use in plugging the puncture, as well as 15 of Stop & Go’s proprietary mushroom plugs, which are designed to expand under pressure and seal the hole. The kit also includes 4 Co2 cartridges and an adapter for your tire to make the reinflation quick and easy so you can get back on the road safely. All of the pieces of the kit also fit neatly into the included vinyl carrying case for easy transport.  


  • Includes 15 mushroom plugs and all the necessary tools for a quick emergency repair
  • Co2 Inflation kit is included in the package
  • Compact carrying case is included and can fit in small spaces for easy transport


  • Kit does not contain pliers for debris removal

#7: Hromee Tire Repair Tool Kit

This full tool kit includes everything necessary to remove damaging debris from your tire and repair the puncture left behind, including extra valve stems, 30 repair strings, a tire pressure gauge, and a set of pliers. This 56 piece kit is meant to be versatile enough to handle most common situations. 

The included carrying case keeps all of the pieces of the kit together nicely, and can be carried with you in case of emergency. The string plugs are heavy duty, and are a solid, short-term fix for many punctures. However, this kit does not include any way to restore lost air pressure, and the carrying case is also a bit larger than some competitors, making it difficult to carry in some cases. 


  • 56 piece kit includes most of the tools needed to repair on-road punctures
  • Included carrying case makes the kit easy to carry
  • Includes specific repair components for especially challenging leaks or repairs


  • No compressor or other inflation tool included in the kit
  • Larger carrying case than some competitors on the market

#8: Dynaplug Pro Xtreme

This kit from Dynaplug offers a simple but heavy duty solution for repairing on road punctures without relying on a large number of different tools and complicated plugs. The hollow aluminum handle is designed to allow for maximum grip and leverage, allowing the insertion rod to get through even thick tires. The insertion rods are interchangeable with the included clearing tool to allow for a better repair if needed. 

All of the included attachments and plugs can be carried easily in the included nylon pouch, which is compact enough to fit into most small spaces for easy carrying. Dynaplug also provides instructional videos and quick support through the company website, ensuring that if anything doesn’t work exactly as it is supposed to you can contact the company directly. 


  • Simple and heavy duty tool for reliable and simple repair
  • Includes attachments to simplify even more difficult patch jobs
  • Dynapro support and instructions are readily available


  • Plug may not be effective for every puncture
  • Does not include pliers for removing puncturing debris

#9: Secureguard Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

This heavy duty kit from Secureguard contains a full collection of tools for all kinds of on road repairs, including a pair of gloves, 35 heavy duty string plugs, and a pair of pliers. Every metal tool is made from high quality, durable steel, and can handle heavy abuse over time. Also included in the kit is a valve stem repair kit, in case your valve stem is damaged. 

A reflective surface on the included carrying case can act as an emergency marker if you happen to be out at night, helping other drivers see you more clearly and providing an extra layer of on road safety for those unforeseen circumstances. While the kit contains almost everything you may need in order to perform a quick plug or valve stem repair, the case is bulkier than most of its competitors, and may be more difficult to carry for some riders that do not have cargo solutions installed on their bike. 


  • Full plug repair kit includes all the necessary tools for most on road flat repairs
  • Carrying case can act as an emergency on road reflector
  • Includes equipment for both puncture and valve stem repair


  • Bulky case may be difficult to carry
  • Does not include an air compressor to restore lost air pressure

#10: V1 Motor Co2 Flat Repair Kit

This complete on road repair kit from V1 Motor provides all the necessary tools to perform a quick plug on a punctured tire, from removing the debris that caused the damage in the first place, all the way to restoring your tire pressure and getting back on the road. This kit contains all the specialized tire repair tools, as well as a multitool that can also be used for general tasks as well, and 5 Co2 cartridges to inflate your tire once the puncture has been taken care of. 

The 18 piece kit includes 5 Co2 canisters and string plugs, allowing for several repairs before you will need to restock, and all of the tools fit into the included compact carrying case. This kit is a complete solution that allows you to perform spot repairs that will see you back home or to the shop safely, and without the need to purchase more tools from somewhere else. 


  • Includes all the tools needed to perform simple puncture repairs
  • Comes with 5 Co2 canisters to restore lost air pressure in the event of a puncture
  • Compact carrying case is easy to transport


  • Small number of included plugs, relative to some competitors

What to Look for Before Buying

All tire repair kits are not exactly the same, and not all of them are suited for every situation. Some kits attempt to offer a comprehensive solution for most situations that may occur, while others will sometimes be specially tailored for specific types of repairs. Knowing what to look for when buying a tire repair kit is an important part of being prepared, and in this section we will go over some of the key things to consider when shopping for one of your own. 

Included Tools

One of the most basic things to think about when looking for a tire repair kit is the tools that are included in the package. Some of the more compact kits will make due with only the most basic tools required specifically for tire repair, such as insertion tools and probes. Other kits will add on other tools that are necessary for other steps of the repair, such as pliers for removing the cause of the puncture, and air compressors or Co2 canisters for recovering lost air pressure. 

When looking for a kit, keep in mind the tools you already have on hand, and consider the type of repairs you would like to be prepared for. In some cases, a kit with fewer pieces may be a better fit than one that includes a wider variety of tools that you may already have. 

Storage Capabilities

On a motorcycle, storage space is much more limited than on a car. When looking for a tire repair kit that you intend to carry with you on the road, you will want to find one that is compact enough to be carried easily. 

How compact the kit needs to be in order to be easily carried will vary based on your bike, and any storage solutions you may have added to it. However, you should always keep in mind the space that the kit will take up, especially if you frequently carry things in your saddlebags. 

Material Quality

The materials that your tools are made of will determine how well they perform, and how long they will last, especially when used often. Repairing a punctured tire can be risky if you are using tools that are likely to break, and broken or damaged tools can even make the problem worse. 

The quality of the plugs you are using is also something to consider. Even as a temporary measure to get you home, you will want to make sure that you are using plugs that will effectively seal the puncture and not leak while the bike is moving, as an air leak caused by a low quality plug can be dangerous. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method of plugging a tire?

When it comes to plugging a tire, there is no one method that stands out over the rest. Consider your own experience, and choose a kit that uses a method that you are most comfortable with. 

What if my kit does not have an air pump?

Restoring the lost air pressure is a critical part of getting back on the road again, and you should always have a method for restoring lost pressure on hand. If your kit does not have an air pump or Co2 cartridge system, then you should acquire one on your own. 

Do I have to use pliers?

Removing the original cause of the puncture is the very first step in plugging your tire, and that step is best accomplished with the use of pliers. While some offending pieces of debris can be removed without them, these cases are rare, and typically too serious to be repaired with a simple plug. 

Do I need a lot of experience?

Fortunately, most tire repair kits include a set of instructions to walk you through the process, making it unnecessary to have a lot of experience. However, the more experience you do have, the smoother the repair will go. 

Do I have to replace my tires after plugging it?

Yes. Plugging a punctured tire is not a permanent solution, and punctured tires should always be replaced as soon as possible. Riding on a plugged tire may not always result in further damage or dangerous situations, but it does seriously increase the risk of disater and should be avoided. 


Carrying a tire repair kit for use in the event of an emergency is a major part of being properly prepared as a motorcyclist. Choosing the right kit to carry is important, but with the information provided in this guide you will be able to find the best option to suit your own specific preferences and ride with more confidence, knowing that you are better equipped for the road ahead. 

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